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Galactic Camera - Windows

The Galactic Camera is a virtual camera that can be selected as a camera source in your virtual meetings. You can use your preferred internal or external webcam to power the video stream for your Galactic Camera. Once you’re done installing the camera, visit the Control Center and the App Store to make your meetings better.

How do I install Galactic Camera on my Windows machine?#

  • Install the Galactic Camera by clicking on the Download button and going through the installation process.
  • Do a search to start & open “Galactic Camera”.
  • When successful, you should see the Galactic Camera icon in the top menu bar of your computer.
  • Click on the Galactic Camera icon to open the app and then click on Sign In to Galactic.
  • After you’re logged in on the website, click “Log into Galactic Camera”. This should open up the Galactic Camera application.
  • In the Camera app, use the dropdown to select the main webcam you’d like Galactic to use for your video.
  • Click Preview to see if it’s working! You’ll get a message that asks you to allow the app to use your camera. Allow access and you should see yourself in the small preview.
  • You are now ready to use Galactic Camera in your meetings.

What are the apps you keep talking about? Tell me everything!#

Apps help you do more in meetings! More about apps here.


I’m in a meeting and have Galactic selected as my camera, but I see text that says “The Galactic Camera is not running”. How do I fix that?